Individual Healing Sessions with Dr. Sharon J. Wesch

Give yourself the gift of healing your heart.
90 Minute Healing Session

Dr. Wesch works in partnership with each client and Spirit to bring about a permanent transformation in consciousness. As she states in her book, The Radiant Heart: Healing the Heart/Healing the Soul: The root cause of all psychological and physical problems is the separation from the divine.

This separation happens when human beings close of their heart chakra so as not to feel the pain of some emotional trauma. This emotional trauma then becomes the core issue that needs to be healed. Dr. Wesch has an intuitive gift for identifying your core issue and then using Radiant Heart Healing to replace the emotional pain with the healing energy of divine love. You are not expected to know your core issue; it will emerge during the session.

Focus of a session

Each session you can choose one of these topics as your beginning focus.  Dr. Wesch will then add her intuitive guidance.

  • Healing grief
  • Opening your heart to giving and receiving love
  • Transforming a death-wish to a life-wish
  • Connecting with your soul purpose
  • Eliminate victim consciousness
  • Spirit communication: guides, angels or deceased loved ones
  • Overcoming feeling unloved, empty, disconnected
  • Enhance heart connections in relationships
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Clearing depression

Dr. Wesch will generally spend about 10 minutes interviewing you to define the goal of the session. You will be sitting on a chair beside her so she can do hands-on energy work. Together you and Dr. Wesch will release stored emotional pain and fill your heart with the energy of divine love. Within this general framework she will receive guidance from Spirit to direct you in your healing process.

To prepare for your individual session:

  1. Read The Radiant Heart before coming to your session. Reading the book is not a requirement but it will facilitate a deeper healing.
  2. Review the 10 topics listed on the attached sheet. Ask your guides and angels to assist you in choosing one as a beginning focus for your session. Trust you will guided to achieve this goal and more.
  3. Ask yourself these kinds of questions:
    • How do I want my life to be different?
    • What do I want to change about myself so my life has more abundance and more love?
    • What is my life purpose? Am I living my purpose with passion and a strong life wish?
    • What do I need to do to be healthy in body, mind, heart, and spirit?
  4. Keep an open mind and remain flexible. Dr. Wesch, in partnership with Spirit, will guide the focus and direction of your session. It may take a different direction than you expect. Set an intention to ‘go with the flow’ so your will enhance what Spirit wants for you. Spirit is often much wiser than we humans.
  5. Be honest with yourself and Dr. Wesch. Set an intention to look at your shadow side so you can heal issues that are preventing you from living your best life. This is not a time for ‘looking good.’
  6. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs 24 hours before your session.
  7. Arrive a bit early so you can relax or meditate for 15 minutes before your session. Coming late and/or being harried about time is a form of resistance. Your session will flow easier if you check your directions, arrive early, and relax before starting with Dr. Wesch.

Each session is unique, just as you are a unique soul!